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B. Tech Mechanical (Specialization in Automobile Engg)
Get a B.Tech in Mech. Engg. with specialization in Automotive Engineering in association with VIT, Vellore (3 yrs in VIT Vellore + 1 year at ARAI Pune).
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M. Tech (Auto Engg) is collaborated with VITU, VIT University, Vellore, India
ARAI has embarked upon a programme of building up human resources by commencing educational programmes in Automotive Engineering.  It has started a Learning Centre for M. Tech. (Automotive Engineering) in collaboration with a VIT University from 2004. The purpose of this program is to create a new breed of post-graduate engineers with in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical experience in specialized and diversified emerging fields to meet the growing demands.

The first two batches of 25 each completed the program in June 2006 and 2007 respectively. In order to meet the industries demand, the batch size was increased to 50. Accordingly, 3rd and 4th batch of 47 students each completed their program in June 2008 and 2009 respectively. The 5th batch has 44 Students and 6th Batch has 53 Students.

The VIT University is a Center of Excellence for Higher Technical Education in the country located in Vellore in Tamil Nadu, (hereafter referred to as VITU). It conducts various under-graduate and post-graduate programmes in various disciplines. VITU has facilities that are striking in every way. The environment-friendly green campus is a home to a wealth of computing facilities and laboratories and several architecturally striking buildings where every need of student and faculty has been provided for. VITU is
the first educational institution in India which has got International accreditation (IEE, UK) for its programmes. VITU has been rated number 10 amongst top Engineering Institute in the country, in June 2009 issue of India Today. VITU has excellent infrastructure like CAD / CAM Centers, Mechatronics, CFD, Fluid Mechanics, Tribology, Machine Dynamics, and Thermal Engineering Laboratories, Central Library and Computing Centers to name a few. The CFD Lab is equipped with advanced computing systems and FLUENT, GAMBIT and CFX softwares. In addition state-of-the-art centers for Automotive Research and Automotive Electronics have been set up with funding from Government of India.

Further information regarding VIT University is available on
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About the programme
ARAI and VITU offer a joint M.Tech programme in Automotive Engineering for 2 years, which is specially designed to meet the needs of modern automotive industry. The first year of study is at VITU, Vellore and the second is at ARAI, Pune.

Programme Contents
First Year at VIT - Core Subjects: Electives
1 Mathematical Methods 2 Product Design and Life Cycle Management
1 Automotive Materials 1 Tribology
1 Instrumentation and Automotive Electronics 2 Auto Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
2 Vehicle Dynamics 2 Vehicle Body Engineering
2 Automotive Chassis Systems 2 Vehicle Aerodynamics
1 Vehicle Engine Technology 1 Automotive Power Transmission Systems
2 Finite Element Analysis OR Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
    1 Computer Aided Design Laboratory
    2 Computer Aided Engineering & FIA Laboratory
    2 Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
    1 Instrumentation and Auto Electronics Laboratory
Second Year at ARAI - Core Subjects: Laboratory
Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) NVH Practical
Automotive Fuels and Emission (AFE) AFE Practical
Automotive Safety & Lighting (ASL) ASL Practical
Soft Skills Soft Skills Practical
 Project Work
Students will do their project work either at ARAI or at any automotive industry. ARAI and VIT will assist the students to get their project work in automotive industry.
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Research Conducted under this Programme : (14 best projects done in 2009,2008,2007,2006)
  Acoustic package evaluation for benchmarking vehicles.
  Active Noise Control.
  Alternative materials for brake lining.
Assessment of aldehydes and ketone emissions in vehicle exhaust using petrol, diesel, CNG, LPG, E5 and B10 fuels.
  Bio-diesel for new generation diesel vehicles.
Characterization of passenger vehicle in-cabin noise using OMA & sound quality technique-An integrated approach.
  Combustion Noise investigation in a diesel engine.
  Design and analysis of front and rear bumper.
  Design and development of silencer for tractor and genset applications.
  Design and development of steering system for 8 X 4 truck.
  Design and development of swirl test rig.
  Design of front & rear suspension for a new MUV vehicle.
  Development of intake & exhaust ports for high power density 3 cylinder DI diesel engine.
  DFMEA for performance of diesel engine components.
  Effect of low-level ethanol blending on vehicle performance & emission in gasoline passenger car.
  Ergonomic and anthropometric study on heavy commercial vehicle cabin.
  Establishment of ASQ technique for powertrain noise sources.
  Evaluation & optimization of aerodynamic performance of vehicle body.
  Evaluation of fuel additives for fuel economy on gasoline/  diesel vehicle.
  FE modeling of joints in a bus structure and evaluation.
  Gear failure analysis: A case study on 4 speed automotive gearbox.
  Improving fuel economy of 3-cylinder engine.
  Investigation on automatic transmission system for jerk reduction during gear shift.
  Investigations into Pass-by Noise testing of road vehicles and disc break noise optimization.
  Optimization of combustion to improve the emissions in a single cylinder engine.
Passenger car door design optimization for side door crush performance : An EE-CI (experimental evaluation-CAE integration) Tech. (best project first prize 2009).
  Ride and handling improvement for LCV passenger range of vehicles.
  Simulation and validation of 4 cylinder TCI CNG MPFI stoichiometric engine performance.
To establish damage correlation between road and multi-axial road simulator for front suspension of passenger vehicle.
  Tyre Noise Assessment.
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The students are placed in the following companies after campus interview:

ARAI Pune ARAI India

Candidates with a bachelor's degree / A.M.I.E. in Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Production Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering or Mechatronics are eligible for the programme. Admission is strictly on merit basis. Weightage is 25 % for transcripts of graduate degree, 40% for performance at Common Entrance Test, 25% for Personal Interview and 10 % for the extempore presentation on technical topic. A minimum mark of 60% at B. E. / B. Tech. level is cut-off criteria. Regarding common entrance exam, notification will be issued in Feb / March in newspapers & website. It is held at all India level at many centers including Pune, in the month of May every year. Information will also be available on and the application form can be downloaded.

1st Batch of M. Tech (Auto)
Students attending Seminar at
ARAI, Pune.
4th Batch of M. Tech (Auto)
students with Director,
ARAI and staff.
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