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Conformity of Production
The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is the nodal agency for implementation of emission legislation in both its aspects of Type Approval and Conformity of Production. The Standing Committee on implementation of Emission Legislation has been constituted by the MORTH under the Chairman-ship of Joint Secretary-MORTH, to advise the Nodal agency in such implementation. The functions of Standing Committee are to advise the Nodal Agency on all matters pertaining to the implementation of Emission Legislation in general, and particularly

  To formulate, monitor and control the policy and actions for Type Approval and Conformity of Production Testing System and Procedures.
  To co-ordinate all such activities relating to implementation of the Emission Legislation.
  To deal with certification, withdrawal and restoration of Type Approval.
  To deal with all other technical, administrative or legal matters in this regard.
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Bharat Stage II 4 wheeler vehicles / engines: The COP period for vehicle/engine model shall be every Six months viz. April to September and October to March or, production of 25,000 vehicles/engines in the case of other vehicles (other than 2&3 wheelers) whichever is earlier. However if production of a model including its variants in a year (i.e. two consecutive COP periods of Six months each) is less than 5,000 in the case of other vehicles (other than 2/3 wheelers) the COP interval shall be one year.
  For 2 & 3 wheelers (Bharat Stage II) COP frequency and samples: - As per notification in GSR 720(E) Dt. 10/09/2004.

Sr. No. Type of Vehicle Annual Production COP Frequency
Exceeding Up to
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
1. Two-wheeler and three wheeler 250 per 6 months 10000 per year Once every year
2. Two-wheeler 10000 per year 150000 per 6 months Once every 6 months
3. Two-wheeler 150000 per 6 months --- Once every 3 months
4. Three wheeler 10000 per year 75000 per 6 months Once every 6 months
5. Three wheeler 75000 per 6 months ---- Once every 3 months
  For Bharat Stage III compliant 4 wheelers / engines COP frequency is once in a year for (April to March)
If the number of a specific vehicle model and its variants produced is less than 250 in the half yearly period, COP should be carried out as per Clause No.23 of MoRTH notification GSR 400 (E) dated 31.05.2002.

“Provided that in case the number of vehicles sold in India for a given base model and its variants (manufactured in India or imported to India) are less than 250 in any consecutive period of six months in a year, then such base model and its variants need not be subjected to the above test, if at least one model or its variants manufactured or imported by that manufacturer or importer, as the case may be, is subjected to such tests at least once in a year. Provided further that, in case the number of base models and its variants manufactured / imported is more than one and if the individual base model and its variants are less than 250 in any consecutive period of six months in a year, then the testing agencies can pick up one of the vehicles out of such models and their variants once in a year for carrying out such test”.

For Agricultural tractor frequency for

A Production 1000 per year No COP required
B 1000 < Production 7500 per year ONE COP PER YEAR
C 7500 < Production 25000 One COP per six months
i.e. April to Sep. & Oct. to Mar.
D 25000 < Production or six months whichever occurs earlier One COP test is required
E For directly imported engines, one COP would be required for every 500 units.

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For Construction Equipment Vehicle COP frequency should be for equipment with annual production up to 200 nos., it shall be once in two years per family. For equipment with annual production exceeding 200 nos., it shall be once in every year per family.

The sampling size shall be one days average production subject to a minimum of 10 and maximum of 100. For low volume production vehicles 250 numbers in six months) sampling size shall be minimum 5 numbers for Bharat Stage II/ Bharat Stage III vehicles/engines. In case of CBU Bharat Stage II/ Bharat Stage III vehicles, where import is less than 5 numbers at a time, the sample size may be limited to three.

The procedure prescribed in Part IX, XI, IV and X, XII of TAP Document shall apply for carrying out COP tests-viz. Para 8.0 Chapter 1 of Part IX and para 8 of chapter 1 of Part XI for Petrol/ Diesel vehicles and para 8.0 of Chapter 1 of Part IV and Para 7.0 of Chapter 1 of Part X, XII , para 8 of part X subpart A for diesel engines.

Generator Set Certification
Petrol / Kerosene Generator sets up to 19kW and Diesel Generator sets up to 1000kVA are tested and certified in order to assess their noise compatibility as per Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) norms. Type approval certificates are issued to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Generator Original Equipment Manufacturer (GOEM) and Generator Original Equipment Assembler (GOEA). This activity comes under preview of NVH laboratory of ARAI.

Sound Power Level (SWL) measurement is carried out as per ISO 3744 and ISO 8528-10. Additionally, Temperature and Backpressure measurement is also carried out as shown.

Procedure for Type Approval and Establishing Conformity of Production For Safety Critical Components as per AIS:037
  AIS 037 is notified in GSR 784 (E) dated 12 Nov. 2008
  CMV Rule No. 124/4
  Implementation will be done in Phases

From April 2009
Component Technical Standard
Safety Glass IS 2553
Brake hose IS 7079
Horn IS 1884
Tyre IS 13154
CNG regulator ISO 15500
LPG vaporizer/ regulator ECE R 67
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From October 2009
Component Technical Standard
Bulb AIS:34
Rear View Mirror AIS 001
Speed Limiting devices AIS 018
Seat Belt IS 15142
Wheel rims for M / N category IS 9436, IS 9438
Light / Light signalling devices for M/ N category AIS 012
Retro reflectors (M & N category) AIS 057
Warning triangle AIS 022

April 2010
Component Technical Standard
Light / Light signaling devices (L category) AIS 010
Retro reflectors (L category) AIS 057
Retro reflectors (Agri. Tractors & CEVs) AIS:057
Light / Light signaling devices (Agri. Tractors & CEVs) AIS 030
Door locks and retention components IS 14225
Fuel tanks IS 12056, IS 15547
Reflective Tapes
AIS 090

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