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Engineering Services - Sponsered Projects
SDL is engaged in Research and Developmental Activities for
  Fatigue, structural integrity, durability and reliability of vehicles, systems and components
  Fatigue Testing, design optimization and correlation exercise of lab & service conditions
Typical Industry Sponsored Projects
  Ride Comfort Evaluation on Different Three Wheelers based on probability Density Distribution
  Service Load Data Acquisition, Laboratory Simulation and Durability Evaluation of Two Wheeler on multi-axis rig
  Service Load Data Acquisition And Proving Ground Correlation for SUV
  Optimisation of cabin and its suspension
  Evaluation of engine mounts
  Accelerated durability test of HCVs, passenger cars, tractors & motor cycles
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Some of the recent Projects performed
  4DOF HCV Cabin Shaker Test
  New rig developed for producing cabin motions : Vertical, Longitudinal, Pitch and Roll
4 Vertical actuators at corners of cabin, 1 Longitudinal actuator at cross member
Lateral restraints to stabilize the specimen in an upright position without producing forces and displacements
Rig Specifications:
Cabin Load Capacity : 1 Ton
Frequency : 40 Hz.
Test Specifications : Simulation of Road Load Data
Durability : Accelerated durability testing by removing non damaging portion of data of given correlation.
  Virtual Product Development of Excavator (Backhoe Loader)
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Multi-Axis Laboratory Simulation of Chassis Using 22 Actuators
To carryout Structural evaluation of Tractor chassis. Real-time simulation to be carried out on acquired data. During testing, the chassis to be restrained at fifth wheel location and the load to be applied at each wheel in Longitudinal (X), Lateral (Y) and Vertical (Z) directions along with brake moment. Apart from wheel loads, dynamic cabin loads to be simulated during testing.
  Identification of critical channels based on FEA
  Vehicle preparation and Service load data acquisition.
  Conceptualization and Design and development of test rig.
  Virtual validation of the test rig using MBD Analysis.
  Real time simulation for generation of drive files using 24 control channels and 56 correlation channels.
  Creation of Accelerated drive files using damage editing technique.
  Durability testing on specified samples for specified duration.
  Reduction in product development time.
  Controlled and consistent testing environment.
  Evaluation of 49 Ton Tractor Trailer by Service Load Data Acquisition.
Project Objectives
  Instrumentation of vehicle to evaluate loads mode or load transfer.
Service load data acquisition and country roads, city roads, national highway, express highway, state highway, etc. for about 2500 kms.
Service load data acquisition on identified Indian roads, also on VRDE tracks with different payload and speed conditions.
  Analysis of acquired data and evaluation of vehicle.
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  Evaluation of 25 T Tipper Bogie suspension bracket
Project Objectives
  Vehicle instrumentation for evaluation of loads on suspension bracket, cabin, chassis system, axle etc.
Data acquisition on Pave, Long wave Pitch and Corrugation Tracks at VRDE for different speeds and payload conditions.
Data acquisition at mines for various events like Accelerated start, Braking, Figure ‘8’, Uphill, Downhill and different road conditions like Plain Tar Road, Normal road in the Mine, Rough Road etc for different payload conditions.
  Suspension evaluation by analysis of acquired load data.
  Evaluation and Comparison of Bus Chassis Frame with Existing and Modified Designs
  To carry out data acquisition on two instrumented buses (existing and modified design) on various public roads and test tracks for measurement of vehicle parameters and strain at identified critical locations on chassis
To carry out data analysis in statistical, spectral and fatigue domains
To evaluate and compare the effect of design modifications on chassis frame using the results from analysis
  Study of vehicle performance on various types of public roads and test tracks
  Evaluation of design of chassis frame
Suggestions for improvement of robustness of chassis frame with respect to performance on selected public roads and test tracks
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Validation of steering knuckle of N1 category vehicle by conducting service load data acquisition and block loading durability test
Project Objectives
  To carry out static Load Vs Strain calibration on instrumented front axle beam
To carry out service load data acquisition on N1 category vehicle on VRDE tracks to arrive vertical, braking, lateral by incrementing front axle beam in respective directions.
To conduct analysis on collected service load data for finalization of methodology for testing and block loading program for durability test.
To prepare servo-hydraulic test set ups to accommodate bi-axial vertical load+ lateral load and single-axial longitudinal and braking load each.
  Evaluation Front Axle for tractor by data  acquisition and durability testing using  block loading

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