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Structural Dynamics
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Engine Design
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Advanced Research
Major Achievements
1D Thermodynamic Engine Simulation:
Simulation, prediction & optimization of
  Heat transfer through piston, head & liner
  Compression Ratio   EGR ratio
  Volumetric Efficiency Calibration   Emission Prediction
  Valve timing   Mixture of fuels
  Prediction of cylinder pressure & temperature, rate of pressure rise, etc
Computational Fluid Dynamics:
Simulation & Optimization of
  Intake & Exhaust Ports, Manifolds
  Cooling Water Jacket
  Piston Bowl
  Combustion and spray investigation
  Automotive  Water Pump

Computational Fluid Dynamics:
3D CFD analysis has become the need of the hour since; every stage of the design has to be validated.

Combustion & Spray Optimization:
Intake and Exhaust Systems
This simulation task is dedicated to optimize the intake air path from the air inlet to engine intake ports in terms of pressure losses. Particular attention is paid to:
  Optimization of the geometry in respect to the pressure drop   Flow distribution investigation in the port and manifold
  Investigation of the air delivery to each cylinder   Reduction of recirculation and stagnation of air
  Tuning of ports for the required target    
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Cooling System
In performing cooling system analysis, particular attention is paid to:
Investigating and optimizing the coolant flow distribution in respect to precise and efficient cooling of thermally highly loaded parts.
  Detection and removal of stagnation zones
  Reduction of pressure losses
  Comparison of different coolant flow concepts


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