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Major Achievements
Major Achievements
Euro III
Engine Performance Test Results
Parameter Performance
Power (kW) 90
Specific Power (kW / l) 23
Peak Torque (Nm) 406
Rated BSFC (g/kWh) 234
Min. BSFC (g/kWh) 221
Emission Test Results
Parameter EURO-III
Limit Engg. Targets Test Results
NOx (g/kWh) 5.0 4.3 4.19
CO (g/kWh) 2.1 1.8 1.45
HC (g/kWh) 0.66 0.55 0.26
PM (g/kWh) 0.1 0.085 0.064
Smoke (m-1) 0.8 0.7 0.271
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Highlights of work :
  VP 37 rotary pump with EDC.
  Max. injection pressure 920 bar.
  Start of Injection (Sol).
  2 to 3 deg aTDC at full loads
  3 to 5 deg aTDC at part loads
  6 hole nozzle with tuned shallow re-entrant bowl
  Mean swirl reduced from 2.2 to 1.6.
  VCO injectors - 17.5% HE, 1.5 K.
  Optimisation of maps for driveability (governing), timing, smoke, boost control.
  Oil consumption control design features.
  Conventional turbocharger.

EURO-III performance achieved without » 'EGR' 'Oxicat' Waste - gate turbocharger

EURO - 4 CRDI Diesel Development
4-Valve configuration engine designed for CRDI system
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  4V, Central & Vertical injector, central bowl
  Low swirl
  Shallow bowls
  High pr injection (2nd gen 1600 bar CRDI)
  Injection rate control
  Pilot & post injection with rate shaping
  Injector with 7 holes, HE, K, KS
  Variable Geometry Turbocharger
  Proportional EGR( 8 – 40%)

CNG HCV For Bus Application
  BS-III Emission Compliant
  Emission test on engine  dynamometer
  Closed loop system with cat-con
  CNG Injection System – 4 bar pressure
  CO (g/kW-hr) NMHC(g/kW-hr) NOx (g/kW-hr)
BS - III norms 2.1 0.66 5
Injection 0.9 0.162 1.3
Carburetion 1.01 0.26 1.2

LPG Passenger Car For OEM Application
  BS-III Emission Compliant
  Mass emission on Chassis dynamometer
  Consistency test on additional four vehicles
  Closed loop system with cat-con
  Fuel consumption on road = 15 km/ltr.
  HC (g/km) NOx (g/km) CO (g/km)
BS - III norms 0.2 0.15 2.3
Performance achieved on LPG 0.08 0.05 0.51
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1985 First Tractor IDI – DI conversion
1987 First LCV IDI-TC
1988 First LCV IDI-DI conversion
1989 First Tractor DI TC engine
1992 First SUV IDI-TC Euro-1
1995 4st-Lean Burn gasoline engine  
1996 Pump-less Lubrication system for 2st. Patented
1997 First LPG 3W
1998 Technology on 4-V diesel ,  First LPG 2W
1999 Oxicat ,  Diesel Particle filter,  water injection, EGR
2000 First Euro-2 HCV diesel,  Electronic Diesel Control
2003 First  LPG Car – BS3
2004 First  Euro-3 diesel
2005 First LCV & SUV CNG-BS3
2006 First  3W LPG – BS3,   3W IDI - BS2,   First Tractor TC Tier-2
2008 First Euro-4 CRDI diesel, First 2st 3W CNG – BS3, First HCV CNG – BS3
HCNG  concept engine !!!! Tier-4 NA Tractor engine !!!!
Tier-3  diesel engine !!!! High power density 3-cyl engine !!!!
Dual Fuel CNG engine !!!! BS-2 (proposed ) Genset Diesel  engines !!!!
HCCI  concept engine !!!!
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Future Goals
High Power Diesel Genset Engine

6 Cylinder Direct Injection TCA
Power Up-gradation : 85 to 127 kW (35 %)
Min BSFC : 152 g/hp-hr
Emission Targets : MoEF  Norms

  Structural analysis
  Thermodynamic analysis
  Cooling circuit design
  Combustion Optimization with Modified FIP, Nozzle Turbocharger etc.

  Emissions (g/kW-hr)
NOx CO HC PM Smoke (m-1)
Proto engine 6.8 0.8 0.20 0.230 0.20
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