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ARAI R&D PROJECTS (Competency building)
ARAI has increasing focus on R&D business. A large expansion plan is on anvil to bring up the institute’s competency & infrastructure to meet immediate and future state-of-art design and Testing challenges. Few of the ongoing projects are

  Study of HCNG (H2+CNG) blends & Develop a  6-cylinder  Engine Compliant to Euro-5 Norms
  Development of a HCCI Diesel engine to meet  EURO-4 and EURO-5 emission Norms
  Design & development of a high specific power 3-cylinder diesel engine with Euro-4 & Euro-5 targets
  Development of Dual Fuel CNG-Diesel engine complying Euro-4 emission norms

6-cyl HCNG engine development Key features
  Injection system
  Lean-burn & Stoichiometric combustion
  engine optimization on  5 %, 10 %, 15 %, 20% and 30%  (Hydrogen + CNG) blends
  Emission Targets :  Euro 5 with 40 % margin
Homogeneous Charge compressed ignition combustion concept is being extensively researched for next generation engines to meet Ultralow Nox and PM emissions and better fuel economy, all Simultaneously. Major advantages being close to DI engine performance and multifuel operation

4-cyl HCCI diesel engine for Euro-4 & Euro-5
  Development of HCCI combustion engine
  power & efficiency  performance comparable to base diesel combustion
  Stage 1 : EURO-4 emission solution with  low  loading after-treatment devices
  Stage 2 :  Euro-5 compliance
  Closed Loop Control
  Hybrid combustion strategy

High Performance 3 Cylinder Engine (EURO IV / V)
  Small light commercial vehicles
  Utility vehicles
  Small Passenger cars
  Downsized engine suitable for Hybrid vehicles

GOALS Phase 1 Phase 2
No. of Cylinders 3 3
Total Displacement, ltr 1.5 1.5
Engine Power, kW 75 @ 4000 RPM 115 @ 4200 RPM
Power Density, kW / ltr 50 75
BMEP, bar (Rated / max.) 15 / 19.5 21 / 25
Max. Torque (Nm)  235 @2000 rpm 310 @2000 rpm
Torque Back-up ~ 30% ~ 20%
Injection Press. >1600 bar >1800 bar
Minimum BSFC, g/kWh < 195 < 190
Rated BSFC, g/kWh < 235 < 235
Combustion pressure 170 bar max. 200 bar max.
Sound Power <100 dBA <100dBA
Emission Compliance Euro 4 & Euro 5 Euro 5


  4 Valves/cylinder with central piezoelectric valve operated injector
  CRDI (> 1600 bar- Stage-1 & >1800 bar-Stage-2) with multiphase injection
  Optimized cooling jackets with internal EGR passage
  OHC valve train for controlled dynamics & NVH
  CGI cylinder head and Cylinder block
  Fully balanced primary & secondary couples with sputtered bearings
  Low friction d  esign with fractured & tapered Con Rod
  Variable flow turbocharger, 2 stage Turbo charging
  Flexible- flow  water & oil pumps
Energy Management Systems such as map controlled thermostat, Electric DC Motor EGR with cooling strategy, etc.
  Multi-layer head gasket for better seal & bore deformation control
  After treatment devices for PM like metallic / SiC CDPF & NOx like HC-SCR
  Optimized engine mounts & damping system
  NVH – 4 cylinder engine comfort
  Design can be extended for 2, 4  & 6 cylinder configuration
  Dry Engine Weight < 125 kg