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Structural Dynamics
R&D Services » Noise, Vibration & Harshness

Vehicle NVH
Powertrain NVH
Modal Analysis
Acoustic Materials
Non Automotive Applications
Vehicle NVH
Benchmarking & Target setting:
Pass-by Noise Measurement
Interior NVH Assessment
  Subjective Evaluation   Effectiveness of Silencer & Intake system
  Noise & Vibration Mapping   Effectiveness of Acoustic Treatment
  Identification of Prominent Noise Sources   Sound quality analysis
  Effectiveness of Engine & Body Mounts   Set Target for noise reduction on Vehicle and Subsystems

Optimization of Silencer:
  Simulation and prediction of backpressure and Transmission Loss (TL) of the existing silencer using CFD and FEM tools
  Validation of the above by physical measurements
  Optimization of the silencer within the specified boundary conditions
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