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Acoustic Materials
Acoustic Materials for Noise Control Treatments
Normal Incidence Sound Absorption Coefficient using Two Microphone Impedance Tube as per ISO 10534/ASTM 1050.
Random Incidence Sound Absorption Coefficient using Reverberation Chamber as per ISO 354 / ASTM C 423/ SAE J1400.
  Air- borne Sound Transmission Loss using two Reverberation Chambers as per ISO140-3 / ASTM E 90.
  Flow Resistance of porous materials as per ASTM C522-03 / ISO 9053.
Vibration Damping properties of visco-elastic materials using Oberst bar method as per ASTM E756 / SAE J1637.
Measurement of Sound absorption coefficient of Automotive trim, foam and fiber - head liner, carpet, engine hood insulation :

Measurement of Sound transmission loss of automotive trim, fire wall, carpet, glass, composite materials:

Simulation of Acoustic Materials-LMS VIOLIN, Transfer Matrix Methods:
  Porosity Measurement-Based on Boyle’s Law.
  Flow Resistivity Measurement-ASTM C522-3.
  Tortuosity and Characteristic Lengths-By Inverse Characterization (Genetic Algorithm).
  Elastic Properties by Quasi-static Methods. 
Simulation for design of multilayer noise control treatments using physical and elastic parameters
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