ARAI/TA(4G)/ARO/GA 4040/2006-10                                                             Dated 10th Mar 2006









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M/s. ARO Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

805, Udyog Vihar, Phase-V

Gurgaon 122 016


The 4-Gas Analyser Model GA 4040 from M/s. Coral Equipments, New Delhi, was type approved vide Type Approval Certificate No. ARAI/TA(4G)/CORAL/GA 4040/2005-05 dated 3 Mar 2005 as per the test procedure approved by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, New Delhi, and specified in MoRTH/CMVR/TAP-115/116, Issue No.2, Part-VIII for 4-gas analyzer.


M/s. Coral Equipments have requested vide letter dated 2nd Jan 2006 to change the Company name from “Coral Equipments” to “ARO Equipments Pvt. Ltd.”.


Based on the above, it is certified that the 4-Gas Analyzer Model “GA 4040” manufactured and marketed by M/s. ARO Equipments Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon, meets the requirements of the provisions of Rule 116(3) of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989, as amended up-to-date, for the 4-Gas Analyzer.


This type approval certificate shall be read in conjunction with the Type Approval Certificate No. ARAI/TA(4G)/CORAL/GA 4040/2005-05 dated 3 Mar 2005.

Authorized Signatory



A. B. Komawar                                                                                                             Shrikant R Marathe

Dy. Director                                                                                                                  Director


Ref : i) Test Report No.AED/TR/SPR 200/2004-05/Coral Equipments-New Delhi/2005-24

            Dated 3rd Mar 2005

        ii) Type Approval Certificate No. ARAI/TA(4G)/CORAL/GA 4040/2005-05 dated 3 Mar 2005


ARAI issues Type Approval/COP Certificates for vehicles / components / parts / assemblies etc., based on the documents produced / submitted by the customer and on these basis, the vehicles / components / parts / assemblies, etc., are examined and if approved, the certificate is issued.  ARAI is in no way responsible for any misuse of copying of any design / type / system in connection with entire vehicle / components / parts and assemblies.  Breach of any statutory provision of Indian laws or laws of other countries, will be the sole responsibility of the customer and ARAI shall not be liable for any claims or damages, made by the party, whatsoever.  The customer shall alone be liable for the same and undertakes to indemnify ARAI in this regard.  Further, the ARAI has the right to initiate cancellation / withdrawal of the certificate issued, in case of any fraud, misrepresentation, when it surfaces and comes in the knowledge of ARAI. The appropriate local courts at Pune shall have the jurisdiction in respect of any dispute, claim or liability arising out of this certificate.


Place of Issue : Pune