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ARAI Environmental Statement 2014-15
ARAI has established and implemented ISO14001-2004 i.e.
Environmental Management System, in which environmental legal compliance and continual improvement is successfully demonstrated during surveillance audit conducted by TUV SUD, our certification body, in October 2014.
Legal Compliance
ARAI has applied for renewal of consent to operate to M.P.C.B. However requirements under Section 25 of the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981, Section 21 of The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and Authorization under the Rule 5 of the Hazardous Wastes (Management, Handling & Transboundry Movement) Rules 2008 had been complied.
  Measures initiated for environmental protection
Measures taken to take advantage of natural light and to improve the ventilation in Work shop, the transparent roof sheets and turbo-vents on roof are placed in.
Water consumption was optimized through leakage prevention, flow control and proper utilization of Sewage treatment plant and Sewage Treatment Plant owing no discharge in public sewage drainage.
Handed over unused chemicals to educational institute for elimination of safety hazard.
Phasing out lead acid batteries and replacing it with dry batteries for UPS power supply.
Green cover is being maintained through regular plantation in & around premises of ARAI.
Rain Water Harvesting and measures for conservation of water.
Generation of electricity using solar energy.
  ARAI has conducted environmental monitoring of various parameters like:
DG set stack Monitoring
Drinking water quality check
Monitoring sewage water quality and reuse of treated water for irrigation
Ambient air quality monitoring across ARAI
Ambient noise level across ARAI

For all the above parameters the results are within the specified limits.
  Waste Management
Under waste handling and disposal activities, ARAI has identified various wastages generated by ARAI and eco-friendly disposal of the same is ensured.
Canteen waste and garden waste are being disposed in compost plant established in house.
Hazardous wastes like used oil, oil soaked cotton/gloves, empty oil barrels and batteries are being disposed of through parties authorized as recyclers by Government of India/Appropriate Authority.
Tie up with MPCB authorized hazardous waste disposal agency to dispose the generated hazardous waste of all types on regular basis.
Environmentally sound management systems are in place to handle hazardous waste, e-waste and plastic waste.
This Institute has also implemented 5 'S'.
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