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Active Safety
Passive Safety
Safety Full Vehicle Crash Test Facility

Passive Safety
About Us & Vision
Spectrum of Testing Services @ New Crash Test Facility
Full Vehicle Crash Test Facility
Advanced Deceleration Sled Test Facility
Pedestrian Protection & Occupant Protection Test Facility (Universal Impactor Test System)
Dedicated Test Center for Testing & Type Approval of Safety Belts
Airbag Deployment Test Facility
Child Restraint System (CRS) Test Facility
Side Door Intrusion
Bumper Testing Facility
Commercial Vehicle Testing & Certification Facilities
Anthropometry Database, Digital Benchmarking & Ergonomics Studies
High Speed photography, Data Acquisition and Onsite DAQ & Testing

State-of-Art Crash Test Facility

India?s first public domain crash test facility
Facility validated and extensively used by leading OEMs
  Full-fledged homologation testing as per Indian & UNECE crash standards viz.
  Full Frontal (IS: 11939, ECE R12)
  Offset Frontal (AIS098, ECE R94)  
  Side Impact (AIS099, ECE R95)  
  Rear Impact (AIS101, ECE R34)  
  Development Testing Facility for
  Various NCAP rating tests alongwith proposed Bharat NCAP
  Pole Side Impact  
  Crumple Zone Optimization  
  Airbag ECU Calibration  
  Post-Crash Fuel Leakage Evaluation  
  Benchmarking Tests  

Instrumented Dummies & Dummy Calibration Laboratory Dummy Positioning System and 3D CMM System

High intensity lighting systems and on-board / off board high speed cameras systems Static Rollover Test Facility

  Crash Lab with state of art facilities comprising of
  Instrumented crash test dummies and in-house dummy calibration facility: Hybrid III AF5, AM50 and AM95; ES2, ES2-re and SID-IIs; BioRID-II; Q-Series child dummies alongwith P3 dummy. List of dummies:  
Dummy No
HIII 50th % tile 6
HIII 95th % tile 1
HIII 5th % tile 1
ES2 3
ES2 Re 1
Dummy No
Q-series family
child Dummy)
1 set
P3 Child Dummy 1
  Dummy Calibration Facility accredited for ISO-17025 (Accredited by NABL, India)  
  Onboard Data Acquisition Systems : 300 channels  
  Miniature on board / off board high speed cameras: 16 No.  
  Advanced Injury Analysis and Motion Analysis software  
  Various crash sensors and 3D CMM with scanner attachment  
  Dedicated photopits for underbody structural deformation study  
  Dedicated client vehicle preparation rooms  
  Experienced and competent manpower
  Correlation tests with multiple OEM test labs successfully completed
  Certification tests for AIS096 / AIS 098 / AIS099 / AIS100 has begun
  Already delivered tests for ECE R94 / ECE R95 with ECE technical service witness
  Crash developmental and validation projects executed for Global OEMs
  Facility Readiness
  Fully equipped facility for all regulatory and proposed Bharat NCAP testing requirements for Automotive Industry
AIS 096 / IS 11939 ? Full Frontal Test
AIS 098 / ECE R94 ? Offset Frontal Test
*Bharat NCAP Offset Frontal test
AIS 099 / ECE R95 ? Side Impact test
*Bharat NCAP Side Impact Test
AIS 100 / ECE R127 ? Pedestrian Test
*Bharat NCAP ? Pedestrian Test
AIS 101 / ECE R34 ? Rear Impact Test
*Bharat NCAP Rear Impact Test

*As per draft protocols of proposed Bharat NCAP

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