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Electric Vehicle
  Want to buy an electric bike. Which electric bikes ARAI has approved?
Certain electric bikes fall under exempt category on account of power less than 250 W and max speed less than 25kmph. Other vehicles fall under the normal category of motor vehicles and hence require type approval certificate for compliance to CMVR. You should ask the status to the vehicle manufacturer/ supplier. ARAI does not publish details regarding such vehicles.
  I Am the manufacturer of electric vehicle in India. What is the procedure for approval of electric vehicle?
Electric vehicles, having maximum power less than 250 W and speed less than 25 kmph are exempt from type approval requirements. You should examine if your vehicle falls under this limit. If yes, you should approach ARAI for necessary exemption. If the vehicle is above these limits, it will be treated as motor vehicle and hence would need to be type approved. This type approval is done vehicle model-wise. Tests are defined in CMVR. Details regarding type approval application are available on ARAI website.
I Want to import electric vehicle in India for individual use. Does it need ARAI’s approval? What is the procedure for approval?
Whether imported or Indian, requirements of above para are equally applicable. It is also applicable for import for individual use.
I Want to import electric vehicles in India for trading purpose. Does it need ARAI’s approval? What is the procedure?
As stated above, the rules are applicable equally to imported vehicle. Before importing the vehicles, the importer should study the provisions of import policy of Government of India as well as the requirements of homologation given under (CMVR) Central Motor Vehicles Rules.
What are the charges for testing and approval of the electric vehicle? How much time is required for testing and approval?
Testing requirements will depend on vehicle category and its technical specifications. The party has to apply for approval by giving detailed vehicle specifications in requisite format. Details regarding formats are available on ARAI website. On receipt of the application, ARAI works out test charges. Under normal situation, for every new vehicle model, 2-3 month time is required for compliance testing and certification.
  Who is authorized to approve electric vehicles?
Under Rule 126 of CMVR, certain test agencies are authorized to issue type approval certificate for vehicles. ARAI is one of those.
  Do I need license for driving a small electric bicycle?
Electric Vehicles, which have power less than 250 W and speed less than 25 kmph are not categorized as motor vehicles. Hence the transport rules are not applicable for such exempt category vehicles.
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