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Towing Dynamometer model RS 40K
Parameters Specifications
Weight, Dry 14,900 lb (6,760 kg)
Weight, with Ballast 21,200 lb (9,619 kg)
Max. Drawbar Pull 11,240 lb (50,000 N)
Max. Continuous Hp 410 HP (305 kW)
Max. Speed 68 mph (110 km/h)

  Engine Cooling Performance assessment.
  Transmission Component Evaluation.
  Gradeability  simulation on a straight level track.
  Fuel Consumption assessment.
  Vehicle Heating and Cooling Systems (HVAC) assessment.
  Tyre life assessment.

Portable weighing pad of 500 kg & 5000 kg capacities each
Helps to
  Accurately measure the individual wheel and axle loads