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Passive Safety
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To establish the State-of-Art Centre for Passive Safety to meet current and emerging needs of Global Automotive Industry and Support the drive towards Safer Mobility.

Passive Safety Vision
Vehicle Safety, Occupant Safety & Pedestrian Safety
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Crash Test Facility
Frontal Crash Test Facility
Side Crash Test Facility Low Speed Crash Testing
  Electronically Controlled / guided vehicle (ECV) Crash Test Facility for conducting Full Frontal, Offset Frontal, Side & Rear Crash Testing.
  Instrumented Crash Test Dummies such as Hybrid III AM50 & Euro SID-II
Full-Fledged Dummy Calibration Facility.
  Crash Test Facility to test the vehicles as per ECE R12, ECE R94, ECE R95 and ECE R34.
Low Speed Crash Test capability for Insurance Agency / RCAR.
Experience of Developmental / Benchmarking Crash Tests
Car-to-Car Crash tests, Evaluation of Road Restraint Systems and Security Devices like tire-ripper and bollards possible with advanced ECV facility
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Bungee Sled Facility
Restraint System & Safety Belt Test Facility Dynamic Seat Test Facility
Luggage Retention Test Facility
  Deceleration type Bungee Sled Facility for testing of safety critical components.
  Dynamic testing of Seats, Safety Belts & Restraint System as per IS 15546, IS 15140, AIS 023, ECE R17, ECE R80, ECE R16 and corresponding ADR & SAN Standards.
Facility to conduct Luggage Retention Tests, Laden Tests with Hybrid III Dummies.
  Maximum trolley pay load of 650 kg, maximum speed of 65 km/h and maximum deceleration of 40 g.
Nearly 10000 tests conducted on Bungee Sled Facility.
Facility accredited for ISO-17025 (Accredited by NABL, India)
Major OEMs have accredited the facility for conducted internal validation tests for their vendor
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Full Fledged Safety Belt Testing Facility
  Safety Belt testing according to IS 15140, ECE R16 and corresponding ADR & SANS.
Comprehensive Safety Belt Test Facility for Type Approval and Conformity of Production (CoP) services as per AIS 037.
  Facility accredited for ISO-17025 (Accredited by NABL, India).
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Airbag Deployment Test Facility
Static Airbag Deployment Test Facility
  Full-fledged Airbag Deployment Test Facility as per SAE J1630 for Driver, Passenger & Side Airbags
  Facility is planned to support OEMs, Restraint System Manufactures and Airbag manufacturers to meet these upcoming requirements
  Facility accredited for ISO-17025 (Accredited by NABL, India)
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Occupant Protection Impact Test Facility
Head Impact Test Facility Body Block Impact Test Facility
  Head Impact Test Facility as per IS 15223, IS 11939 , ECE R21, ECE R12, ECE R17 and corresponding ADR & SANS.
Body Block Test Facility as per IS 11939, ECE R12 and corresponding ADR & SANS.
  Maximum Speed of the Impactor is 64 km/h.
Facility accredited for ISO-17025 (Accredited by NABL, India).
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Side Door Intrusion Test Facility
Side Door Intrusion Test Facility
  Quasi static Testing as per IS 12009, FMVSS 214 and corresponding ADR
  Facility accredited for ISO-17025 (Accredited by NABL, India)
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Bumper Test Facility
Bumper Test Facility

  Testing for M1 Category Vehicles as per AIS 006, IS 15901 and ECE R42
  Facility accredited for ISO-17025 (Accredited by NABL, India)
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Commercial Vehicle Test Facilities
Pendulum Impact Test Facility Bus Rollover Test & Stability Angle Test Facility Underrun Protection Devices Test Facility
  Pendulum Impact Test Facility to conduct tests on LCVs and HCVs for survival space evaluation as per AIS 029 and ECE R29.
Pendulum Impact Test Facility accredited for ISO-17025 (Accredited by NABL, India).
  More than 75 Pendulum Impact tests conducted on the above facility.
Tilting Platform Facility to perform Rollover Tests on Buses for evaluation of Strength of Superstructure as per AIS 031 / ECE R66.
Facility to determine Center of Gravity & Tilt Stability Angle as per AIS 052 – Code of Practice for Bus Body Design and Approval.
Testing of Underrun Protection Devices – Lateral Under Run Protection as per ECR R73 / IS 14682, Rear Under Run Protection as per ECE R58 / IS 14812 and Front Under Run Protection as per ECE R93 / AIS 069 and corresponding ADR.
Installation Tests as per AIS 023 / AIS 052 / AIS 047.
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Child Restraint System Installation Test Facility
Universal Category Test Fixture

  Child Restraint System (CRS) Installation test of Universal Category as per AIS 072 / ECE R16
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Anthropometry Database & Ergonomics Studies
Vehicle Ergonomics
  Advance 3-D Whole Body Scanner available for Anthropometric studies.
SIZE INDIA - survey of Anthropometric Data of Indian Driving Population (5000+ volunteers).
  Vehicle Packaging and Ergonomics Studies.
Occupant Packaging and Benchmarking services as per SAE J1100.
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Other Services & Capabilities
High Speed Camera & Advanced Motion Analysis High Speed Multi Channel DAQ Services & Analysis
  Professional High Speed Photography and High Speed Multi Channel DAQ Services .
Advanced Motion Analysis and Signal Analysis for Impact Tests .
  Projects executed for premier research organizations and various OEMs.
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New Passive Safety Laboratory at ARAI Chakan under NATRiP
Electric AC Drive Crash Testing Facility Advanced Sled Test Facility
Instrumented Dummies & Dummy Calibration Laboratory Dummy Positioning System Static Rollover Test Facility
  Crash Test Facility for conducting various tests (Full Frontal, Offset Frontal, Side, Side Pole and Rear Impacts) as per various National & International standards / protocols viz. AIS, ECE, FMVSS and NCAP.
Electric AC Drive Crash Test System with capacity of 3500 kg payload and propelling speed of 80 km/h.
  Static Rollover Test Facility.
Advanced Programmable Deceleration Sled with maximum trolley payload of 1000 kg, maximum speed of 80 km/h and maximum deceleration of 60 g.
Instrumented Dummies viz. Hybrid III AM50, AM95, AF5, EuroSID–II, SID–IIs, BioRID – II and Child Dummies (p–series).
Full Fledged Dummy Calibration Facility.
3-D Coordinate Measurement Machine and Advanced Dummy Positioning System.
High Speed Cameras and Lighting Systems for on-board and off-board applications.
Photopits for capturing underbody view during Crash Tests.
Multiple Channel DAQ Systems capable of acquiring upto 300 Channels and Crash Test Analysis Software.
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Universal Impactor Test System (PEDESTRIAN / Occupant Protection)
Free Flight Head Impact Upper Leg Impact Free Motion Head Impact
Lower Leg (TRL) Impact Pendulum Head Impact Body Block Impact
  Universal Impactor Test System for Pedestrian as per AIS 100, GTR 9, ECE R127, EuroNCAP, JNCAP, ANCAP, KNCAP and NCAP for India.
Facility for Occupant Protection as per ECE R12, R21, R17; FMVSS 201, 201(U), 203 and 226.
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