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Nano Particle Measurement Facility
 “Measurement of Nano Particle Emission of Automobiles”. Set up is having the features useful for both export homologation/ certification and also for Research and development on engines and vehicles.  Facility can be used for measurement of regulated pollutants and nano particles in terms of size, numbers and surface area.

The facility will be based on the test set up recommended by GRPE- PMP group, which includes mainly, dilution tunnel with PCF(Pre-classifier) to cut down exhaust particles below 2.5 µm and HEPA ( High Efficiency Particulate Filter) to provide dilution air with filtering efficiency 99.99%, VPR (Volatile Particle remover) and CPC(Condensation Particle Counter).
In addition to this certification setup, it includes Fast Response Particle Sizer (FRPS) for online nano particle measurement for its number, surface area and size distribution pattern which will be useful for research and development.
  Dilution Ratio for 1:3000
  Solid Particle Measurement from 23 nm to 2.5 µm as per EURO V/EURO VI
  Nano Particle size range between 5.6 nm to 560 nm on Transient Cycle for On-Line Measurement
  Nano Particle size range from 2.5 nm to 1 µm on Transient Cycle for On-Line Measurement.