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Chassis Dynamometer Test Facilities
Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination (SHED)
Weighing Chamber
Central Gas handling system
Environmental Control System
Engine Dynamometer Test Facilities
Nano Particle Measurement Facility
Engine Dynamometer Test Facilities
Engine Dynamometers
The engine dynamometers are used to conduct the power and emission test on diesel/CNG engines, as per the CMVR, EEC and EPA Regulations.

The specifications of Engine Dynamometers are

Sr. No Make Type Model Capacity
1 Dynomerk Controls Eddy curren DMC-20 20 HP@ 6000 to 10000 rpm
2 Elektrodyne Electrical Dynamometer Eddy current 200 EC 200 HP @ 3500 to 5500 rpm
3 BENZ Systems Eddy current ECB 300 M 300 HP @ 3000 to 5000 rpm

Raw Exhaust Gas Analysis System for diesel and CNG engines
The Raw Exhaust Gas Analysis System for diesel and CNG engines equipment provides facility to measure different constituents in raw exhaust gases, such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxides of nitrogen and oxygen from engines.

The specifications of Raw Exhaust Gas Analysis System for diesel and CNG engines are

Analyser AVL make CEB 200 Fisher Rosemount NGA Analyzers
HC Range 0 –5% any 4 ranges selectable 0 – 10 ….. 10000 ppmc
NOx Range 0-10000 ppm, any 4 ranges selectable 0 – 10, 25, 100, 250, 1000, 2500 and 10,000 ppm
CO Range 0-7500 ppm, any 4 ranges selectable 0 – 1000, 5000 ppm, 1%
CO2 Range 0 - 20% any 4 ranges selectable 0 – 5, 10 and 20%
O2 Range 0 – 25% any 4 ranges selectable 0 – 1, 5, 10 and 25%

Mini Dilution Tunnel (partial flow dilution, total sampling) AVL Austria Model - SPC472 (2 Nos.
This tunnel is suitable to measure particulates from diesel engine, as per national and international standards, such as EEC 91/542, ISO 8178 and ECE R-49

Engine intake air conditioning unit
This mobile unit supplies air at reference atmospheric conditions (temperature, pressure. and humidity) to the engine intake as per regulations, such as CMVR, EEC 91 / 542, ECE R 49 and ISO 8178.

Engine test automation system
All the equipments in engine test cell such as dynamometer, dynamic fuel consumption meter, fuel and coolant conditioning unit, smoke meter, combustion air handling unit, raw exhaust gas analysis system and particulate measurement unit have been interfaced with the HOST computer. With automation system, it is possible to conduct the power, smoke (steady & transient) and emission measurement tests (steady state) in AUTO mode with the final result calculation and report generation.