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Our strength is highly skilled team of engineers and world class test facilities. These facilities meet the present and future worldwide regulations applicable for On road (Automotive) and Off highway (Agriculture tractor, construction equipment vehicles and Power Tillers) engine certification and evaluation of oils, fuels, after treatment devices etc.

Apart from above, to meet the customers requirement additional facilities are being installed in our new engine test laboratory. Two eddy current engine dynamometers (150 & 250 kW rating) with raw exhaust gas analysis systems and particulate measurement systems are under commissioning. Two high dynamic AC dynamometers (220 kW & 440 kW) along with full flow dilution tunnel, CVS and gas analysis systems will be installed shortly.

Our facilities are NABL accredited and are used by other certification agencies and engine manufacturer’s as well.

We strongly believe in Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD). We understand the customer needs and meet the increasing expectations of customers.
Nano Particle Evaluation Facility at The Automotive Research Association of India, Pune
This facility is an unique and first of it’s kind in India recently established at ARAI for the “Measurement of Nano Particle Emission of Automobiles”.

Features and Applications of the Test Facility
Facility is based on the recommendations of WP 29 GRPE – PMP group. Includes dilution tunnel with preclassifier to cut down particles below 2.5 µm and HEPA filter (99.9% filtering efficiency), VPR (Volatile Particle Remover) and CPC (Condensation Particle Counter).
In-addition to certification setup it consists of FRPS (Fast Response Particle Sizer with size range: 5.6 nm to 560 nm) for online nano particle measurement for it’s number, surface area and size distribution pattern useful for R&D work.
Useful for nano particle measurement will be used for 2,3 and 4 wheeled vehicles operating on diesel, gasoline and alternate fuels like CNG, LPG etc.
Facility can be extended to evaluate nano particle assessment of buses and heavy commercial vehicles as Emission Lab is equipped with heavy commercial chassis dyno having inertia simulation capacity of 13000 kg to accommodate vehicles upto 35 ton GVW.
ARAI has a well equipped Chemical Laboratory to carry out further study on the nano particle emissions for chemical speciation in terms of SOF and IOF analysis, and to measure the unregulated emissions: like Benzene, 1-3 Butadiene, PAH and aldehydes.
  Presently facility is used for evaluating wide range of vehicles with different fuel levels as per the test matrix.
  The facility will be commercially available from December, 2009.
  Facility can be used for the certification and export homologation for Euro-V and beyond.
Facility will be used for understanding phenomenon of Nano particle measurement and also for development of future technology vehicles.
Facility is useful to undertake the projects on emission related areas like emission factor, ambient air quality monitoring and effect on human health