Automotive Research Association of India
Research Institute of the Automotive Industry with the Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, Govt. of India
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Active Safety
Passive Safety
Safety Anthropometry Database, Digital Benchmarking & Ergonomics Studies

Passive Safety
About Us & Vision
Spectrum of Testing Services @ New Crash Test Facility
Full Vehicle Crash Test Facility
Advanced Deceleration Sled Test Facility
Pedestrian Protection & Occupant Protection Test Facility (Universal Impactor Test System)
Dedicated Test Center for Testing & Type Approval of Safety Belts
Airbag Deployment Test Facility
Child Restraint System (CRS) Test Facility
Side Door Intrusion
Bumper Testing Facility
Commercial Vehicle Testing & Certification Facilities
Anthropometry Database, Digital Benchmarking & Ergonomics Studies
High Speed photography, Data Acquisition and Onsite DAQ & Testing

  Advanced 3-D Whole Body Scanner available for anthropometric studies
  Benchmarking Services for measurement of motor vehicle dimensions, Interior dimensions, cargo area measurement and standardization as per SAE J1100
  Facilities for ergonomic evaluation and simulation of vehicles using
  HPM-I for occupant packaging studies
  Pressure mats, pedal force and gear shift force sensors  
  Full field 3-D scanner for vehicle digitization and digital benchmarking  
  CATIA integrated RAMSIS available for ergonomic evaluation services

  SIZE INDIA Database ? Anthropometry database of Indian driving population (5000+ volunteers)

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