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Active Safety
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Safety Advanced Deceleration Sled Test Facility

Passive Safety
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Advanced Deceleration Sled Test Facility
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Airbag Deployment Test Facility
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Sled Test Facility Seat Anchorage Test CRS Test

Laden Test Various Pulses

  Deceleration sled with bending bar brake system - sled pulses with multiple peaks possible
  Maximum trolley payload of 1000kg, maximum speed of 80km/h and maximum deceleration of 60g.
  Fully equipped to conduct following types of homologation & development tests viz.
  Seats & restraint system tests (IS 15546, ECER17, ECE R80 and customer specific requirements)
  Luggage retention tests
  Interior fitting systems tests (ECE R21 Annex. 8)
  Dynamic testing of CRS (AIS072 / UN ECE R44)
  Laden tests with instrumented / ballast dummies as per customer specifications
  Facility validated & accredited by major OEMs and recommended as preferred test center
  Correlation activity with multiple customers for developmental tests successfully completed
  Facility validated & accredited by major OEMs and recommended as preferred test centre
  Bagged several projects of developmental sled tests
  Facility accredited for ISO-17025 (Accredited by NABL, India)
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