The details and procedure of ARAI Membership the criteria for the ARAI membership are as follows:
Membership Criteria:

  Ordinary members shall include those engaged in Automotive Products manufacturing, ancillary and allied manufacturing and as may be admitted by the Council from time to time.
  The Company should have completed commercial production for a minimum period of one year.
  The turnover Net Sales of the Company in the preceding financial year should be minimum Rs. 5.00 Crores.

In case your organization fulfills the criteria or ARAI Membership, you are requested to send us application for membership in attached form with all the required information and documents.

After scrutiny of your application form, it will be put up to the Governing Council of ARAI for approval, and on approval, your Company will become ARAI member.

Kindly note that, no Group membership is given. Companies from the same group have to apply separately for membership.

Documents required being submitted alongwith application form and details of fee structure are given below:

Brief Profile of Your Organisation, indicating the following:
  Name of products of your company (particularly automotive products and other category of products, if any).
  Date of start of commercial production.
  Turnover in the preceding financial year.
  List of major customers to whom the products of the company are supplied.
Documents to be submitted alongwith Membership Application
  Audited Annual Reports for last 3 years.
  Demand Draft of Rs. 5,000/- drawn in favour of Director-ARAI, payable at Pune towards non-refundable application fee.
  Details of OE status as per Clause 17 (footnote) of membership application form.
  Whether your whole turnover consists of Automotive Products only or it includes any other products.
  If Turnover includes other than automotive products then break-up of turnover between automotive and non automotive( as per latest audited Balancesheet)
If Balancesheet does not give clear breakup then, CA Certificate, giving such break-up.
  A copy of Certificate of Incorporation.
  Membership Application Form should be properly filled in, duly signed, and with a Company seal.

Communication Details:

You are requested to please send communication details of your Company, such as name of CEO/ contact person, address, phone numbers, fax, email, mobile numbers, etc.


  Rs. 20,000/- irrespective of Turnover of the company


Rs 6000 per Rs 3 Crore Turnover.

Subject to Minimum Rs. 18000/-

i.e. for Vehicle Manufacturers, for turnover of Rs500 Crore or more, Rs 10 lac will be charged as AMS and For Component Manufacturer for turnover of Rs 375 Crore or more Rs 7.50 lakh OR up to Rs 10 lakh (on the basis of Turnover) will be charged as per option exercised by component manufacturer.

Maximum Rs. 10,00,000/- for Vehicle Manufacturers and
Maximum Rs. 7,50,000/ OR up to Rs 10 ,00000- for component Manufacturers- as per option chosen
(option to be exercised only once)
ARAI offers benefits to its Ordinary members, as follows:
  Testing charges- 20% less than non members. For SSI Units 25% less than non members.
  For testing charges, 50% advance to be paid and 45 days credit for remaining amount.
  Free monthly subscription for the magazine 'Automotive Abstracts'.
  Every Ordinary Members is entitled to vote during the General Meetings if his subscription is not in arrears on 31st March of previous Financial year.